Ms. Laura Berdych Feature

  • Willow Room Lead Teacher (4-6)
  • Montessori Model UN Coach

What do you think makes Four Corners great?
“I think what makes Four Corners great is the closeness and support among the staff. Everybody offers support to one another and genuinely wants to see each other succeed. I also think that the freedom that teachers are given in which to reach each child at their personal level is what makes Four Corners great. I was coming from a place where everything had to fit into a certain box, regardless of how it did or did not fit the student. Four Corners does not do that.”

What are you looking forward to this upcoming school year?
“I am really looking forward to learning how to do Montessori Model UN this year! Going to New York City this summer to get trained for MMUN, was one of the best of experiences of my life quite honestly. It just really made me feel like this is an amazing gift to offer a child. As an adult going to the United Nations was so exciting for me, so I can only imagine how that is going to appeal to a student. This program is the most beneficial experience for a student. It teaches students how to not judge nor dislike somebody because they may have a different viewpoint or experience about a certain matter. Instead, it has them focus on a way to work together with those they may not agree with. This is a skill that will allow them to lead a more peaceful and fulfilled life as well as making our world a more peaceful place.”

“I am also looking forward to allowing my students more chances for leadership. I would like the students to really feel like they have a voice in the classroom and that each and every one of them is a part of keeping our classroom going forward.”

Why do you love Four Corners?
“I love Four Corners because it focuses on what really matters … the students as a whole person who will help to make society a more peaceful place. It has the teacher on the sidelines and the students get to be the center of attention. I love this aspect of Four Corners. I also love that we celebrate and teach about character traits and not A+’s. At Four Corners we are looking at each student separately and seeing what growth means for that student. I also love the staff. It is a very tight-knit group of teachers and that support gets you through the stressful days. I also love working for Ms. Stacy. She is a very rare person who has the gift of knowing how to find every teacher’s individual strength and utilizing it.”

Why do parents send their kiddos to Four Corners?
“I think parents send their children to Four Corners because it is a wonderful Montessori curriculum that is open to everyone, regardless of where they are coming from. Four Corners gives children the opportunity to experience Montessori life without parents having to sacrifice more than what is necessary. I also see that parents have developed long-standing relationships with teachers and that bond is very strong. I also think that parents want to know that their child is not going to be forced to learn in a way that does not suit them nor will they have a teacher comparing them to another student. Parents know that at Four Corners their child will be given the tools specific to their needs.”