Why Choose FCMA

Four Corners Montessori Academy is a tuition-free public school academy serving pre-k through 8th grade, committed to the Montessori educational philosophy.

The choices today in your child’s education can spell a big difference in their life tomorrow. Four Corners Montessori Academy is an educational community that embraces the Montessori Principles and teaches each child as an individual.

FCMA provides you and your family with a warm, welcoming environment where your children will learn and your family will feel part of a strong, vital community.

Why We Chose FCMA!

FCMA Parents Cemone & Peter Moy

"Using the Montessori approach, Four Corners has been able to cater to both of our children's educational needs with tailored learning paths. The Montessori environment is successful because it allows our children to learn, work and develop at their own pace."

Learn More About Our Curriculum

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The Montessori curriculum itself is a proven method of instruction designed for all types of learners and has been an established model of education for over 100 years. Many parents around the world seek out Montessori education for their children because of its ability to create life-long learners who are confident, self-directed and well-respected.

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Message from our Head of School

We are so fortunate to have a community of parents, teachers and professionals who value real-life, experiential education. The Montessori method helps lead and guide students so that every student’s academic and personal growth is maximized to reach their full potential. We prepare students to be peaceful citizens and are proud of our community.

- Stacy Bryd, Head of School

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