Mr. Richard Monaghan Feature

  • Starting his eighth year as an FCMA team member
  • Lead mentor teacher and unit leader

What do you do at Four Corners and how long have you been there?
“I am currently a lead teacher in lower elementary. I’m starting my eighth year at FCMA! I’m a lead mentor teacher and unit leader. When I started here, I was in the after-school kids club and was building sub. I loved getting to meet the entire community of staff, teachers, and families by being a sub and exploring each classroom. The community and culture of FCMA and the feeling that you get when you walk in the door made me feel like I was at home and created an environment to learn and grow in a peaceful environment.”

What brought you to FCMA?
“I have a background in traditional education, but once I learned about Montessori I knew I loved it. I wish I would have had this option when I was in school. To be able to learn and be curious and grow at my own pace… It would have made my experience so different.”

Why do you love Four Corners? What is your favorite thing about FCMA?
“When you are doing something you love it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like a second home. That is what I love and that is why I keep coming back. You just love the people and what you do, and even though I am not required to be here in the summer…I am!”

What do you think makes Four Corners great?
“Our strong vision from leadership (makes us great). I am so excited about the vision of the school and the leadership of Stacy and Sheri and to see where the school will go in the future. It can be difficult to keep a teacher who has been with a school for eight years excited, but with this leadership, we will do great things!”

What do you love about teaching?
“I love seeing the ah-ha moments of working with the math manipulatives and seeing them figure out a problem on their own. I also love the excitement that the kids get during a hands-on science experiment – especially when they can get a little dirty while learning.”

Why do parents send their kiddos to Four Corners?
“People come here for the community. Families speak highly of the school. I think parents want to choose Montessori because it’s a different approach for their children.”