Ms. Rhonda Denham Feature

  •  K-1 Lead Teacher
  • Has worked at FCMA since our doors opened in 2009
  • Loves to read and create

How did you learn about Four Corners Montessori Academy?
“I learned about FCMA while looking for a school for my (kindergarten-aged) daughter (in 2009). I met Ms. Chris and Ron Wiens (Choice Schools’ Chief of Strategic Operations). There was a welcoming feeling and Ron told me that if I was ever interested in a teaching position to pursue it at FCMA, so I did!”

“As a parent, I loved that the school provided tuition-free education and that my child could get a Montessori education without paying for it. My daughter’s personality fit the Montessori philosophy. She had the freedom to choose the work based on her own needs and what she wanted to work on. I am over the moon with the outcome of my daughter’s (k-8 Montessori) education.”

What do you do at Four Corners?
“I started as a k-2 assistant in 2009, then was offered the lead teacher position of the Redbud room and that’s where I’ve been since 2010.”

What do you think makes Four Corners great?
“We have a very close-knit staff who are there to support each other. There is a feeling of home and a welcoming greeting every time you step through the doors. There is a sense of community that makes coming to work feel like home. Coming to work doesn’t feel like a chore, it feels like my second home!”

Why do parents send their kiddos to Four Corners?
“I find that it is important to make parents aware that this is a greater community and encourage them to take part in their child’s development. We cannot do what we do well without them. We encourage them to volunteer and to come and enjoy what their children are learning. Being a Montessori provides a positive and exciting aspect to our school that makes us different in a cool way. Montessori is not for every child but when you know your child’s needs and it fits, it is so rewarding.”

What are you looking forward to this upcoming school year?
“I am excited about the future of FCMA and to see where Ms. Stacy is going to take the school. I have nothing but good things to say about FCMA and Choice! I love making new materials for the upcoming year and getting to meet all the new faces. Our program is stronger than just the curriculum and I enjoy strengthening our team as a whole. I enjoy creating community building within the classroom in hopes to create a solid foundation of trust to build upon. If you don’t have a foundation of community and trust then everything else crumbles and doesn’t work. I strive to get to know my kiddos where they are at so that they can grow as a whole child.”

“I love that we offer a ‘bring your parent to school day’ where the kids get to be the teacher and present what they are excited about to their parents. Teachers make an effort to get to know their parents and encourage them to get involved. The parents have faith in the teachers that are there because of the community that they intentionally build through communication.”

What will you be doing this year to maintain Emerald Status as a Green School?
“We are trying to do our part when it comes to taking care of the environment and (its) beautification!”

Why do you love Four Corners?
“There is a feeling that this is where I am meant to be and I have felt that way from the beginning. This is my second home!”