International Peace Day – It’s About Bringing People Together

While setting up the sound system and instruments at Rosie’s Park, in preparation for our 11th Annual Observation of International Day of Peace, we noticed a gentleman riding his bike around the track.  It was only after the middle school students and Ms. Shannan began to practice the song, “Light a Candle for Peace” that he noticed us.  Immediately he rode his bike over to where we were, and sat listening.  Once they were done he applauded, saying how beautiful the song was and talented they were.  He was then told that shortly the whole school would be joining us to sing this song promoting peace.  Unbeknownst to us, this gentleman quickly rode home and returned wearing khaki shorts and a white top, because he wanted to join us in commemorating this worldwide observation.  This small gesture is just a reminder of the ripple effect our acts can create for others, and that peace can begin with a smile, or peace can begin with a song in the neighborhood park.