Happy International Day of Peace!

Today we recognize the eleventh annual United Nations International Peace Day. This historical event first took place on September 21, 2009, when the Montessori world came together to celebrate peace. Peace education is a huge aspect of the Montessori Method. This day gives us a cause for celebration and a chance for reflection. 

Maria Montessori saw the education of young children as the human race’s opportunity to recreate itself in a way that would eliminate war. As with most things, Dr. Montessori didn’t want children to be lectured on the subject, but rather they needed to be given an opportunity to discover peace for themselves. 

The benefits of peace education are not just altruistic, but eminently practical – no matter your politics or what you think about all the unjust things happening in our world. We so often encounter situations in which we need to work with people who are coming from different points of view. Montessori kids learn the habits of respect, conflict resolution and looking at the ways various groups have solved problems differently with wonder and curiosity. 

Peace is an amazing concept, a useful tool and through Montessori education an attainable goal. It is a beautiful thing. 

At FCMA, we celebrated by coming together in Rosie’s Park and singing a song about peace. We also collected change to support the Bahama’s disaster response efforts. Peace Education is at the heart of who we are as a community, it helps our students recognize that we are a community within a larger community; citizens of our world and that we have an obligation to behave in a compassionate and caring way.