Four Corners Montessori Academy Student Self-Publishes a Book

At Four Corners Montessori Academy we provide an exemplary education by nurturing each student’s innate strengths and passions. This creates self-driven and responsible learners capable of whatever they set their minds to, a shining example of which being Four Corners student Justin Koning. Justin recently published his original book, “Joey Plays Basketball,” at the age of seven, a feat that we are beyond proud of.

Justin’s parents note that this has been an excellent learning experience for him, as he has payed for everything from the book’s illustration to booths at bookstores. Justin’s father said the following about his recent publishing, “The great thing about this too is understanding the value of a dollar. If he sells the book for $10, he’s learned he doesn’t get handed 10 dollars.”

Justin recently gave an interview with local news station FOX 2 Detroit, and said the following regarding his hard work, “It makes me feel happy when people buy the book, because I know that I did a good job writing the book.”

Web-Safe Graphic Image of the cover of Children's Book Joey Plays Basketball.

It makes us at Four Corners Montessori Academy feel happy to see Justin’s hard work get recognized by stores across the country. Be sure to check out this book for yourself online, and help us celebrate Justin by buying a copy yourself! For more information be sure to keep up with us on our social media, and to see what else is going on at our school, follow our blog!

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