Four Corner Montessori Academy’s Receives School Improvement Award from Authorizer Oakland University

We at Four Corners Montessori Academy recognize that the partnership between our community and our authorizer goes beyond a contract. We value Oakland University for helping us become the prosperous and innovative school that we are today, and understand that without both Choice Schools Associates and Oakland University, FCMA doesn’t exist.

Over the last 12 years, Four Corners Montessori Academy has fought to fulfill its mission, to bring children from all four corners of Metro Detroit together to enhance their intellectual and emotional gifts. That mission is made easier with Oakland University’s annual School Improvement Award, providing us the resources to ensure every student’s success.

This grant helps us pursue new ways to provide for our students, the funds being invested in several of the school’s needs. For the last two years the award amount has doubled, allowing us to open the door to more effective education. Those funds are providing each classroom with additional Montessori materials that allow our teachers to present lessons in the way that our Montessori training intended. For instance, each of our early elementary programs now have additional language resources to teach the parts of speech. We also were able to purchase Montessori bells, which teach students to identify pitch and notes on the musical scale.

These resources increase the options for independent work, provide more concrete substance in the classroom, and expose students to materials that other successful Montessori schools have access to. We pride ourselves on our successes and love to celebrate every member of our school. We continue to be acknowledged for our excellent programs and the community that we’ve built. As the holidays rapidly approach, we give thanks to our families, our staff, and our friends at Oakland University.