Board Membership

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How to Apply

The privilege of becoming a charter school Board member is open to all who are interested, and who are able to commit a small amount of time each month to fulfill their appointed Board duties. The steps involved to join a charter school Board are designed for busy people just like you and, unlike local school Board elections there is no expensive, long-term campaigning that you are required to participate in. Your appointment is only based on whether or not you meet our authorizer requirements for service, and if there is an open position available on the desired academy Board.

If you decide you would like to join our Board, you will need to fill out an application with our authorizer – you can find that on Oakland University’s website here. Once this is reviewed, it will be sent back to the appropriate Board, and you may be called to meet with them for a short interview and discussion. If it is determined that both you and the Board are a good “fit,” a nomination request will be sent to the authorizer and, if the authorizer approves it based on its own criteria for appointment, a letter will be returned to the Board recommending you for service. You will only be sworn in if there is an open position available on the Board, otherwise your nomination may be held until there is a vacancy available.

Members of a charter school Board can expect to volunteer approximately five to seven hours a month in service. Duties include: preparing for and participating in monthly Board meetings, serving on Board committees as requested (most often you will be able to choose one that coincides with your personal interests or expertise), and attending strategic planning sessions, which may be held a few times a year at the discretion of the Board.

We look forward to working with you as you join with us in supporting the children and families that attend our school!