The Grounds & Beautification Committee is pleased to announce that our school’s native plant garden has earned designation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. We will be receiving a beautifully engraved plaque for our garden.

Our garden provides food, water, protection for wildlife as well as butterfly host and nectar plants. To learn more about this program, visit



April 28, 2015: Oakland County schools are going GREEN in greater numbers! One hundred seventy-eight schools have earned the coveted Michigan ‘Green School’ designation. Schools aspiring to Go Green must complete two activities in each of the following categories:  recycling, energy, environmental protection and miscellaneous. The work must be documented with “details such as dates, participants, program sponsors, company, brands, data collected, feedback and any evidence of learning as well as updates to any activities from previous years. Participants are urged to include supporting material such as photos, video, websites and literature.”

The 2014/2015 top achievers were announced by Michigan Green Schools Oakland County Coordinators… Four Corners Montessori Academy was the top in the Emerald Level! Click HERE to see what Four Corners Montessori Academy did to give back to the environment!



Thank you, FCMA Community, for participating in the MiracleGro online voting campaign to help the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative win a grant to create a Children’s Sensory Garden in Detroit’s North End!

They were in competition with organizations from there other cities in the nation, and with your help, THEY WON IT!!

Faced with challenges of vacant land, blighted property, food insecurity and nutritional illiteracy, the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative uses agriculture as a platform to promote education, community and sustainability.  This Sensory Garden will provide a hands-on, outdoor classroom for local youth to experience nature firsthand using their five senses.  To learn more about what MUFI does:!projects/c10d6

Homeowners add plants to their gardens thinking that they are helping support the bee population necessary for pollinating our food crops. Little do they know that a large percentage of these plants from garden & home improvement centers are treated with neurotoxins, which are related to the massive devastation of bee colonies.

Read what you can do about it here (Hint: Your click counts)!

You can also help support safe feeding of bees by buying your plants from organic growers or starting your plants from organic seed.  We need the bees!


On Friday, February 13, 2015 our students elected to sponsor the ocelot in the 2014-2015 Endangered Species Animal Sponsorship!  With the power of just one quarter per student, the school is able to donate $63.91 to the World Wildlife Fund to help protect this animal in the wild from habitat loss from agriculture, hunting, and trading of its fur.

An estimated 800,000 to 1.5 million are found worldwide. Between 80 and 120 are found in two isolated populations in southeast Texas.

In captivity, ocelots can live 20 years while in the wild they live 7 – 10 years.

Once ranging as far east as Arkansas and Louisiana, throughout Texas and in Mexico, ocelots are currently found only in extreme southern Texas and northeastern Mexico. They are also found in every country south of the United States except Chile.


Learn more about the beautiful Leopardus pardalis here:…/mammals/ocelot/
-From your Green Schools Committee
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Our Green School History

Earning certification through the state of Michigan is not easy – it requires the involvement of students, teachers and families to make efforts toward reducing our impact on the environment and teaching our emerging young people about their world and healthy practices for sustainable living.

There are three levels of certification that can be earned:  Green (10-15 points); Emerald (15-20 points); and Evergreen (20+ points).  Here are the Green School designations that the Parent Guild has helped FCMA earn:

2010/2011 Green Level

2011/2012 Emerald Level

2012/2013 Green Level

2013/2104 (Not submitted)

2014/2015 Emerald Level, with a special award for high achievement at this level

For more information on what being a “Green School” means, visit the MI Green School Page.

We recycle batteries!


As part of our effort to be a Green School, we are collecting all types of alkaline and rechargeable batteries (even car batteries!) for recycling in the green bucket in the first floor south stairwell.  You may bring in batteries from home – if they are greater than 9 volts, please put tape over the contacts to avoid overheating.

Lets keep toxins out of landfills!

Our Native Michigan Garden

FCMA’s Parent Guild has donated a garden to the school grounds featuring solely flowers that are indigenous to Michigan. The new garden is located to the right of the main school entrance. Native plants help to conserve native species and provide food, homes, and breeding ground for both local wildlife and migratory species, such as the Monarch Butterfly.

There is room in the garden for classrooms to learn about and plant their own patch of native plant species. Click here to learn about what is growing in our garden: Native Garden Information