Two young kids in a tree

Outdoor Classroom

Dr. Montessori believed that the outdoor environment is a natural extension of the classroom.  On our campus students have the daily opportunity to experience the outdoors with structure and purpose.  Located across the street from the Gardenia entrance is Rosies Park.  It is here that  students have access to play structures, a basketball court, running track and a wooded area with a winding nature trail.  The woods are abundant with local flora and fauna which allow students to build  a meaningful connection with the natural world.

Besides developing their gross motor skills  through  group activities and individual play,  students  also gain a respect for the outdoor classroom as they are made aware of larger environmental concerns and stewardship practices.

People leaning over a balcony in a historical building

Field Studies

FCMA students participate in an array of carefully organized field studies each year.  Traveling to places such as; the Detroit Institute of Art, Michigan State Capitol, Greenfield Village, Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Bowers Farm, Michigan Science Center, and the Detroit Zoo.  In addition, we also provide in-house presentations which enrich the regular instructional program as well.

Overnight camping trips are a wonderful tradition and provide our 6th – 8th grade students with an opportunity to strengthen their sense of community.  Every other year, middle school students travel to Washington D.C. or Chicago where they learn about national history and make memories to last a lifetime.